Most Played 3 Reel Playtech Slots

Three reel slots are great games to play when you want something of a fast action type of slot playing session online. However, you will often be surprised at just how many of them are available online!

With that in mind we have been taking a look through our large data base of slots and have found a huge number of them which are from Playtech. The one main benefit for players of choosing to play Playtech designed three reel slots is that they are all multi stake games and they do come with high payout percentages too.

Below we have listed several of the most playable three reel slots which you can sample now completely free of charge at any Playtech powered casino site, or you can get stuck into playing them for real money if you prefer, where the winnings are yours to keep.

Double Bubble slot game – If you want the chance to win a huge 5000 coin jackpot and you are looking for three reel slots to play then the Reel Classic slot from Playtech is a must play slot! You will have to play 3 coins spins though to have the chance of winning that 5000 coin jackpot though so make sure you do!

Funky Monkey Slot – Another three reel slot always worth playing when you are logged into a Playtech powered casino site is the Funky Monkey slot. This is a very fast playing slot and one on which you can choose to play from one to three coins per spin.

Tres Amigos Slot – You can play one or two coins per spin on the single payline Tres Amigos slot game and there are several different staking options available to players. Three coin players do get an enhanced jackpot payout so try and play three coin spins if you can afford to!

However, make sure you play two coin spin for the jackpot payout on this Mexican themed Playtech designed three reel slot is enhanced in value, so you will win more when playing max bet spins if you are lucky enough to spin in the jackpot paying combinations on its single payline!

Fountain of Youth Slot – The Fountain of Youth slot is one of the lowest variance three reel slots form Playtech, in fact the jackpot on offer is only worth 800 coins. However that jackpot is awarded much more often on this slot than most other three reel slots from Playtech!

Fixed Odds Slot – Also there is going to be just one fixed odds three reel slot available at all Playtech powered casino sites. This slot is slightly different to all other slot games for instead of you spinning the reels and hoping any winning combination spin in you have to place a bet on which one of those winning combination listed on the pay table will be spun in.

Every time you spin the reels on this slot one winning combination is guaranteed to spin in, but you will only receive a winning payout if you have placed a wager on that winning combination!