Yachts – History of These Luxury Boats!

Yachts, being small, fast and furious boats are the most preferable mode of transport for short voyages. Created first in the year 1742, yachts have changed greatly in the many years it has seen. It remains to be just as popular even now as it is a practical mode of transportation.

It is certain that these machines can do so much more than they could before and there has always been a certain kind of luxury associated with them. It is important, mostly for prospective sailors to know the lovely vessels history.

Being the go-to vessel for many explorers back in the 17th Century, these yachts contained supplies that could last several months and housed many men. We are to remember that these were times when sailors were still exploring new lands and this was the perfect vehicle. It was as early as 1606, that the Duyfken touched the Australian shores, becoming one of the fist yachts to go down in history. About 36 years later New Zealand was discovered from a similar vessel.

Not just for discoveries, like most other vehicles, yachts have been used in for battle. Even the Duyfken was made to feature in one of these battles against the Portuguese the fight put an end to the dominance of the spice trade in the year 1601. With the ears the warships grew bigger and the yacht rightly fell out of this and acquired its new job of communicating small messages in little time.

Although yachting and boating for pleasure only caught on by the 15th Century, boating for pleasure is as old as boating is. The Pharaohs in Egypt were have known to be rejoice to the sight and sound of water and saw boating as the best kind of recreational activity.

Yachting is essentially considered be discovered by the Dutch. Long after these Pharaohs were dead, the yachts were first built in the Netherlands to move goods and people around the country. This also helped the country to grow in wealth as trade and commerce bloomed. The yachts that were built for pleasure post this period were made to show off the power of the military. They were also used for races, mock-battles, parades adding to the leisure.

There was no looking back thereafter, as yachts slowly took on all of Europe spreading through the channel of England. Later Russia began showing great interest and the culture spread across the West and before everyone knew, yachting was the new favourite leisurely activity of the Europeans.

The vessel has creeped into more than one person’s fantasies even in today’s world. What is better than having to see the sun set from your private yacht, with the wind blowing in your face as you sip on a drink? Yachting is also fun because it doesn’t restrict your holiday to one place. It is so much more fun to have a vacation boat floating around to wherever you wish, providing you with all the luxury that you deserve.